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What is a typical day like at Water Bowl Oasis?

6:30am- 7am First potty break

7am-9am Daycare crew arrive

7am-8am Breakfast time

8am-10am Play time

10am-11am Nap time

10am-4pm Meeting new faces, play time, Lunch, photo time for boarders

4pm-7pm daycare pickups in between play time

4pm-5pm Dinner time

8pm-9pm Last potty break


How often do the dogs play outside?

We do not have a set number of times our guests go outside because we let our guests choose their activities and do not force dogs to go out if they do not need to or want to because this can sometimes cause them to become irritated with the group if they would prefer to rest indoors instead of play. Our guest including daycare clients get outside an absolute minimum of 3 times per day or about every 2- 3 hours.


Do you care for puppies?

Yes, we care for dogs of all ages. We recommend that puppies under 16 weeks (4months) old have received all of their puppy boosters before socializing with other dogs but this is not a requirement as long as your puppy is current on their required vaccines for that age group we watch puppies as young as 12 weeks old. 

All dogs must be neutered or spayed by 6 months old*


Do the dogs play inside?

Yes, we allow gentle rough housing and play indoors throughout the day. So even when your dog is not outside they are still playing and having fun!


What should I bring for my dog’s boarding stay?

Do I bring any of their personal belongings?

For all overnight stays we require you to bring your dogs with their collars, leashes/harnesses, their food packaged in gallon size or individual portioned out meal bags, treats if you’d like, and an appropriate sized tote bag to carry everything in.


We do not allow personal belongings of any kind other than anything to do with your dog’s diet for destructive & hygienic reasons. Everything your dog will need on vacation will be provided for them. We have plenty of bowls, beds, blankets, toys, treats, cuddles, pats, scratches & love for our guests to enjoy.

*New clients will need to have completed our new client on boarding process which includes a trial day of daycare in order to reserve an overnight stay.*


Can your staff administer medications?

Yes, our staff is trained to properly administer medications. There is no charge for regularly scheduled medications unless your dog is difficult for their medications or the medications are injectable such as insulin. Insulin injections are $1/ injection. If there is a special way you give your medications to your dog please be sure to pack the appropriate materials for our staff and to provide clearly written/typed instructions.


Do you send us photos and updates?

Yes, we send complementary photos via text message when possible to our boarding dog’s owners. We do not send photos until the day after you drop-off to give the arriving dogs a chance to unwind before dealing with the pup-arazzi.

We do not send photos to our daily daycare clients as we like to spend as little time with the phones as possible and the most time focused with the dogs playing as we can. We post many photos of all of our guests playing including daycare pups on our Facebook page monthly.

Updates are given on a dog by dog and day by day basis. Always know that no report is a good report. We do not want pet parents to worry although we understand these are cherished family members (as we are all pet parents too) who you normally see every day and it can be hard to be away from them. We pride ourselves on being honest with owners if there are ever any issues during a stay or even during daycare. We will always let owners know at pick-up if there was anything noteworthy, fun, or interesting that happened during their pup’s stay or day at daycare. Please enjoy your vacation because your dog is enjoying theirs!



Is it ok if I let my dog off leash in the parking lot?

It is not safe to have your dog off leash in our parking lot. We require all dogs to be on a leash on our property. PLEASE, always have your dogs on a leash because although your dog may be friendly with us there may be other clients (people & dogs) coming and going that they are not familiar with who they have not been introduced to properly or possibly not in their play group for one reason or another and we do not want any lost or injured pups.


Where should I park?

For boarding clients or new clients there are five parking spots located under our large oak tree or if there are no spots available please park along our driveway on either side so that a car can still pass by. If picking up or dropping of for daycare you may pull up valet style closest to our front door so that other cars can still drive past you. Please do not pull up in our valet area if arriving for a tour.


Why do you keep the front door locked?

Our front door is always kept locked for the safety of our guests. We allow the dogs to have access to 100% of our facility including our front lobby and do not want any escapees.  All of our services are booked by appointment only. If you arrive early or are running late please let us know via text or calling. If you are waiting on us it could be for a few different reasons please be patient with us as sometimes the dogs need to be put up from outside or belongings need to be gathered from the opposite end of the building and this can take us a few minutes.


Why are all services by appointment only?

All of our services are by appointment only for a few reasons. We like to know who is coming and going and when so that we can best cater to you and your dog care needs as well as fulfilling any additional services necessary before pickups such as grooming. We also plan activities throughout the day and want to be able to give the dogs all of our focus so we will plan them around appointments. Another reason we book by appointment only is so we can keep and continue to keep a calm, fun, structured, and enjoyable atmosphere for all of the guests we care for and slowly introduce newer dogs to the pack appropriately throughout the day as guests arrive.


Why are you closed between 10am-4pm daily? Is anyone there?

Between 10am-4pm we are closed daily to meet with new potential pack members. We also have new clients drop off for their first trial day of daycare during this time since we are closed and only book one new client appointment per day we are able to go 100% at the new dogs pace so they are comfortable with the pack and we are able to devote one on one time to the new pup and honestly give real feedback to owners of how they did. Anytime we are closed staff is on site 24 hours a day.


Are the little dogs separate from the big dogs?

At Water Bowl Oasis we separate our guests into play groups based on size and play personalities, but more so personalities. We do not split up families who have both large and small dogs so we do mix sizes in our play groups however we always make sure all of the dogs in each group are enjoying themselves or we do adjust the group until everyone is in a group fitting their personality.


Is there someone who stays overnight with the dogs?

Yes, we have staff on site 24 hours a day who sleep when the dogs sleep.


What happens if I am late for boarding/ daycare drop-off or need to cancel daycare same day?

We are only available for drop-off and pick-up during our normal business hours.


Monday through Friday

7:00 am - 9:50 am


4:00 pm - 6:50 pm


7:00 am -9:50 am


4:00pm - 5:50 pm

Sundays we are closed to the public.

If you are late/tardy for drop-off or pick up and we have closed it is $5 per MINUTE that you go beyond our normal hours.


You will have the following options:

wait until we open again to drop-off for boarding or pick-up, pay the late fee, or cancel and pay the cancellation fee for the day.

To best avoid being late we ask you have your dogs in the building by 9:50am. 

ALL of our dog's play starts at 10am sharp if you are late you are delaying every dog in the building from starting their fun day when they were on time.

Should you need to cancel your daycare appointment same day you will be responsible for the cost of the day. We require notice by the day before to avoid the cancellation fee no matter the reason for canceling.

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