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Dog Grooming

S'paw' Services

 Unfortunately we are not offering Haircut services at his time. All other s'paw' services are available!

Full Service Dog Grooming- different than your average groom shop!!!

Let us pamper your pup with luxurious one on one experiences just like at a human spa.

We only take one client at a time in order to truly give your pet the great personal experience and care they deserve. Your pup can participate in complementary daycare play if they arrive early for their appointment (let us know if they will be dropping off early please).

No cage banks full of pups barking and waiting all day to be finished, here your pooch will either be getting groomed or playing while at Water Bowl Oasis.

Call or click above to make your appointment Today!

Vacation Grooms

Let us spruce up your pup while they are on vacation with us so they go home fresh and clean! Every Full service groom includes a massaging bath, blow-dry, brush out, hair cut of your choice, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, nail trim, and for new clients complementary teeth freshening. Full groom services are completed prior to vacation pick up and scheduled accordingly.  We do offer appointments for just grooming on different days of the week so please call for availability.  Grooms outside of a stay can always be arranged. 


Bath services

We can service all coat types available upon request. We have two different options to fit your needs.

"Just a Bath"- includes just a bath and blow dry

"The Works Bath Service" Includes a bath, blow dry, nails & ear cleaning.

Allow us to pamper your pup with our salon quality shampoos and conditioners, also a massage is included with every bath to help soothe your pups skin.

Schedule your pup today!

Al A Carte Add-Ons

Deep Conditioning Treatments & Hot Oil Treatments

For dogs who need a little extra conditioning to their coat and skin we recommend adding a conditioning treatment. This will put the moisture back into your dog skin and help soothe any dry or itchy spots.

Blue Berry Facial

This luxurious tear free spa add on will revitalize your pups precious face, helping rid them of eye boogers and freshen their coat.

Bright white Treatment

Catering toward our adorable white coated clients. This treatment will have your pups coat glowing. It will improve the overall brightness of any white coat.

De-shedding Treatment

Great for almost any dog and coat type. This treatment conditions a dogs coat while loosening trapped undercoat so that it can be brushed out and your pup can properly shed.


Includes a nail trim, dremel, pad rejuvenation, and nail polish color of your choice.

Nail Trim

Cut nails are one of the most overlooked necessities for dogs., overgrown nails cause many problems including arthritis, joint pain, back pain, and deformities. We can gently trim your pups nails to keep them happy and comfortable.

Nail Dremel

This is done in addition to a nail trim and will buff your pups nails so they don't scratch you with those freshly cut nails.

Ear Cleaning

We use a dry ear cleaning solution perfect or pups who get frequent infection from wetness and great from regular maintenance.

*Please call for pricing varies with size, coat and condition*

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