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Does your dog want to make some new friends?

Do you work long hours?

Does your dog have lots of energy they need to burn off?

Did you JUST get a new PUPPY?!?!

If you answered YES to any of those questions then doggy daycare is just the thing your dog has been barking about!

Our Doggie Daycare program is great for any pup who needs to get out and play during the day or needs some extra energy burned off. Doggy Daycare is very convenient to socialize your dogs and for owners who work longer hours and need their dogs to get exercise during the day or for those dogs who just need some extra company. Your puppy will thank you by sleeping all day after daycare at Water Bowl Oasis.


Socialization early is a VERY important part of training a new puppy. Early socialization and exposure to as many new things as early as possible builds great self-confidence in puppies. Puppies learn SO much their first few months & proper social integrations in a fun but controlled environment will set your puppy up for success going into adult hood. Invest in your puppy early & you will have the happiest dog!

Doggy Daycare Program

Home-like setting

Over 6,000 sqft of Play Space

Structured Schedule



Round the clock socializing & relaxing

Good house manners required 

Your dog MUST LOVE other dogs!

 Engaging curriculum, Training games, &

activities that match individual play styles

Honest feedback of play and behavior 


Open ended Behavioral Screenings

Play, Relax, Repeat!

Parties, Photo Shoots, Holiday add-ons

 Your dog will be barking to come back!


24 hour staff on site & security

Artificial Turf Play Yards

Green Eco-Friendly Pest control Monthly

Spay/ Neuter Required at 6 Months

No Aggressive, disruptive, or destructive behaviors

Bathing Services

Photos on Facebook & Instagram


Daycare Client Important Information

Food & Belongings

No personal belongings other then leash, harness/collar, and a snack if necessary

All food is labeled with instructions and feeding amounts 

 SEALED in individually portioned meal bags (one bag per meal)

Pick-up & Drop Off

Daycare is scheduled by appointment only


7am-10am & 4pm-7pm


7am-10am & 4pm-6pm

$5/ minute beyond available hours

after 10am & before 4pm

or after hours

Closed daily 10am-4pm


No Daycare:

Every Sunday

Easter Sunday

July 4th

Memorial Day

Labor Day


Veteran's Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year's Day

Christmas Eve 

New Year's Eve 


Book online through our client portal

1. A la Carte  (space not guaranteed)

2. Create a set schedule that auto books every Monday. This is to lock in your pups spot (contact the office for this option)

24 hour notice for all bookings required to avoid a $5 late booking fee for daycare.

Same day bookings are usually possible but not always.

Space is limited!

24 hour noticed required to cancel daycare.

Same day cancellations of daycare will result in being charged for the whole day!

Daycare rates are calculated by dog's living in the household with the same owner and weekly discounts accumulate within the same Monday-Saturday week 


Updates during daycare : Postcard Home Photo Packages for Daycare

Included in Package:

3 Photos sent via text during each day


Digital Report card included

Daycare add-on per week

1-2 Days of daycare $3.50

3-6 Days of daycare $5.00

+$1.00 each additional dog

The prices listed reflect the number of days your dog attends each week and the number of dogs you have in your pack. You can choose when you’d like to add this package on or have this as a set schedule daycare add on repeating each week. Let our staff know if you’d like to sign up!

Photos posted on social media will vary in number, photos posted will highlight each week along with occasional monthly videos, event photos, photo shoots, photo booths, birthday parties, and more. There is no charge if your dog’s photos happen to make it to our social media. Not all dogs are guaranteed to be in the weekly highlights, please purchase a Postcard Home Photo Package for guaranteed photos.

  Vaccine Requirements

Dogs 1 year or older




Negative Fecal test

Heartworm test

Flea, Tick & Heartworm preventives.

Puppies 4 months (16 weeks)




Negative Fecal test

 Flea, Tick & Heartworm preventives

Puppies Under 4 months (16 weeks)



Negative Fecal test


It is not recommended that you board or socialize a puppy prior to all of their puppy booster series being completed normally this is completed at 12 weeks, check with your vet ahead of time


When holiday rates will apply

New Years               12/18 - 1/8

Valentine’s Day           2/13 - 2/15

President’s Day           2/16 - 2/20

Spring Break              3/8 - 3/24

Easter                       3/24 - 4/8

Mother’s day              5/11 - 5/13

Memorial Day              5/23 - 5/30

Father’s day                 6/15 - 6/17

Fourth of July               6/27 - 7/13

Labor Day                     8/30 -- 9/6

October Period         10/10-10/15

Veteran’s Day           11/7- 11/18

Thanksgiving            11/18 - 12/5

Christmas                12/18 – 1/8

No Daycare Closed on Sundays

NO Daycare on:

Fourth of July


Memorial Day

Labor Day

Veteran's Day


Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Year's day

Spay/Neuter Requirements

Required at 6 months of age

Due to our social play setting and accommodations intact males and females can cause an upset with the group play dynamic. 

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