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Private & Personalized Dog Boarding

Cozy, Comfy & Just Like Home

Your furry family member won't want to leave after relaxing all night and playing all day!

Our social dog boarding philosophy is perfect for socialized pups of all sizes to play n' stay with their friends. The dogs are paired up into play groups that best reflect their size and personalities and these will be their roommates and playmates during their stays. Each stay includes comfy doggie beds, blankets, toys, treats, bowls, play, love & cuddles!

Why choose Water Bowl Oasis for your Dog Boarding needs?


At Water Bowl Oasis we practice monitored social boarding & daycare for dogs. We have staff on site 24 hours a day & security surveillance. For our guest we offer crates for crate trained dogs & open roaming accommodations for dogs with good house manners. 


We also provide All inclusive fun, movies & music daily, grooming on site, enrichment activities, photo shoots, pet parent updates, hugs & kisses are included too! 


Our Dog Boarding Accommodations, and Why?

Guests that are comfortable in a crate at home we recommend keeping them up with the same routine they are familiar with to reduce stress & anxiety and to promote an stress free environment for every guest.

Crates of all sizes are available to accommodate those guests during naps, feeding, and over-night. We want our guests to be happy and excited to come back, to achieve this our crate trained guests are not kept in their crates most of the day it is quite the opposite!

For guests not crate trained, who have basic house manners, we mimic sleeping arrangements as best as we can to their home. Even sharing our "Big Bed". There are three large living room areas on our first floor full of couches and dog beds to make your dogs feel most at home. We board our guests in a home like setting so it is cozy, comfy, and just like home! 

24 hour staff on site & security

Artificial Turf Play Yards

Green Eco-Friendly Pest control Monthly

Spay/ Neuter Required at 6 Months

No Aggressive, disruptive, or destructive behaviors

Bathing Services

Photos on Facebook & Instagram


 Engaging curriculum, Training games, &

activities that match individual play styles

Honest feedback of play and behavior 


Open ended Behavioral Screenings

Play, Relax, Repeat!

Parties, Photo Shoots, Holiday add-ons

 Your dog will be barking to come back!


Home-like setting

Over 6,000 sqft of Play Space

Structured Schedule



Round the clock socializing & relaxing

Good house manners required 

Your dog MUST LOVE other dogs!

Boarding Guest Information

Food & Belongings

No personal belongings, food containers, or store bought dog food bags of any size allowed.

$2 bagging fee per sealed bag if not packaged correctly.

All food is labeled with instructions and feeding amounts 

 SEALED in gallon sized ziploc bags where staff measure out meals

or individually portioned meal bags (one bag per meal)


Please provide an appropriate and manageable carrying method for food and leash/harnesses

ex. tote bag, grocery bag, canvas bag.

Pick-up & Drop Off

All appointments are scheduled by appointment only


7am-10am & 4pm-7pm


7am-10am & 4pm-6pm

$5/ minute beyond available hours

after 10am & before 4pm

or after hours


No drop-off/pick-ups:

Every Sunday

Easter Sunday

July 4th

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Veteran's Day


Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Year's Day

Limited Hours:

Christmas Eve 7am-10am 

New Year's Eve 7am-10am


Book online through our client portal


A 40% deposit is required to book any stay

Your deposit is non-refundable & non-transferable one week (7days) prior to your reschedule drop-off appointment and is your

cancellation fee should you cancel.

Same day cancellations or cancellations due to early return: 100% of same day services cancelled + 40% deposit (regular cancelation fee)

Boarding (Social Sleepovers) includes playtime throughout the day at no additional cost.

24 hour notice for bookings required to avoid a $10 late booking fee.


Updates During Boarding Stays

Postcard Home Photo Packages (complementary for boarders)

Included in Package:

3 Photos sent via text during each day

Digital Report card included

We give 24 hours for every overnight boarder to unwind and have their first night with us before an update. If there are any concerns for their happiness, comfort, or safety you will be notified. We do not like to jump to conclusions as everyone can have an off day especially in a new place, with a new routine, from new people with new friends. With socializing dogs and so many activities throughout the day we want every owner to know that not receiving an update is always a good update because that means everything is going GREAT!

  Vaccine Requirements

Dogs 1 year or older




Negative Fecal test

Heartworm test

Flea, Tick & Heartworm preventives.

Puppies 4 months (16 weeks)




Negative Fecal test

 Flea, Tick & Heartworm preventives

Puppies Under 4 months (16 weeks)



Negative Fecal test


It is not recommended that you board or socialize a puppy prior to all of their puppy booster series being completed normally this is completed at 12 weeks, check with your vet ahead of time


When holiday rates will apply

New Years               12/18 - 1/8

Valentine’s Day           2/13 - 2/15

President’s Day           2/16 - 2/20

Spring Break              3/8 - 3/24

Easter                       3/24 - 4/8

Mother’s day              5/11 - 5/13

Memorial Day              5/23 - 5/30

Father’s day                 6/15 - 6/17

Fourth of July               6/27 - 7/13

Labor Day                     8/30 -- 9/6

October Period         10/10-10/15

Veteran’s Day           11/7- 11/18

Thanksgiving            11/18 - 12/5

Christmas                12/18 – 1/8

Spay/Neuter Requirements

Required at 6 months of age

Due to our social play setting and accommodations intact males and females can cause an upset with the group play dynamic. 

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